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Benefits of Clear View Fencing in South Africa

In some cases conventional fencing options are not constantly what you need. Clear View Fencing uses different kinds of options that are aesthetically pleasing with real life applications. This list is going to go through those solutions and applications.

Clear View fencing is known as an anti-climb, anti-cut and CCTV optimised security barrier, currently one of the most appealing types of security fencing systems readily available. PerimiFence uses various varieties to match our consumers spending plans and still preserve high requirements of boundary security. This high density mesh is constantly in stock and offered to residential, business and towns.

Clearview type fencing is dominantly utilized in fencing systems created to bring maximum boundary defense to a site without restraining exposure (which is very important for human patrolling or video monitoring). Our fencing products are extremely advanced and generally accepted as the most protected type of bonded mesh over products such as chain link and other forms of fencing.

# 1 Increased Security

Due to the look of Clear View Fencing it literally offers you a clear view of your residential or commercial property or premises. The fence is constructed with small aperatures that make it nearly impossible to cut through with conventional tools, the fence is likewise fitted with maxi spikes atop making it difficult to climb.

Lastly, the trench in which the fence is positioned is dug 3 meters deep, making it basically impossible to dig under the fence.

# 2 Cost Effective

Compared to palisade or steel gate fencing, Clear View fence is relatively cheaper compared to the other types of fencing. Due to the fact that we use steel wire mesh, we need very little in the way of materials to build the fence, the only thing you are paying standard rates for is the labour to set up the fence.

# 3 Durability

Simply drive around Johannesburg and look at all the rusted, broken and usually neglected fences. Our Clear View fence comes with a minimum 10 year warranty. The fence is weather condition resistant; it does not wilt in the wind or rust in the rain.

# 4 Options

Clear View fence is not a one-and-done service there are a variety of add-ons for all your requirements. Have a look at the list listed below.

Galvanized Coating
PVC Coating
Smaller sized Apertures
Different Colours
Additional Security Features (maxi spikes).
Anti– Tamper Bolts.

# 5 Aesthetically Pleasing

There is no doubt about it that Clear View fencing looks much better than the rest. It is spick-and-span and visually appealing. The very nature of Clear View is that it is unobtrusive, it does not get in the way and can make any piece of land look better.

The fence can be painted and covered in any colour you wish depending on the style and look of your facilities.

So what are you awaiting? Provide us a call today and get a free quotation on our clear view fencing services.

We pride ourselves in providing extremely tested security procedures for all our clearvu south africa products. With unique features and development at the forefront of all our styles, we are your go-to company. We offer a wide array of fencing solutions, from economical fencing to superior security fences geared towards low and high valued residential or commercial properties such as property estates, office parks and other commercial homes.

Thanks for reading, till next time!