Arranging a Sports-Oriented School Trip

Arranging a Sports-Oriented School Trip

Orchestrating a sports-oriented school trip can offer your students a unique opportunity to consolidate their brandishing advantages with social investigations.

How? Some types of school trips conventionally involve taking students around places such as museums, art galleries, and archaeological sites. There is great value to be found in that form of trip, providing that the majority of students have interests in those areas.

In practice, modern educational approaches tend to stress the need for multi and interdisciplinary studies. For example, sport is an area that traditionally appeals to many students but seeing it in isolation can be limiting. In some cultures there are far more fundamental links between things such as arts, artistic expression and sport, than might normally be the case in a typical South African environment.

To take just one illustration, some forms of far eastern martial arts trace at least some components of their evolution to forms of ritual and ritualistic dance. Therefore, any form of school excursion that offers the possibility to show linkages between sporting endeavour and the background culture it is practiced within, may help to develop more rounded students and a broader appreciation of their individual interest subjects in a wider context.

Of course, students that have a particularly keen interest in a given sports may also welcome the opportunity to see coaching techniques and practices that originate in other cultures also. Some of the approaches to, say, football or rugby may be significantly different in other European countries to UK standards. That is why there are now specialist sports tours available, which combine a focus on the progression of sporting skills with the opportunity to experience a range of different background cultures.

This type of school trip might typically involve travelling to another European country and staying in accommodation on a dedicated sports training site. Specialist instructors then run coaching sessions in the individual sport concerned and offer the students the chance to participate in matches against local sides. This is accompanied by the opportunity to visit and explore local places of interest, including visits to some of the cultural attractions mentioned above.

A wide variety of sports are now covered, including things such as football, rugby, basketball, netball and hockey – among others. Some may even be based in dedicated centres of excellence which have unparalleled facilities for the development of sporting skills.

It is maybe reasonable to say that a few coordinators of school journeys may at times move toward the whole subject with a level of anxiety. However, sorting out a school trip with a games accentuation could possibly cause a lot more serious level of excitement in a portion of the understudies concerned. That must be better for the visit chiefs and, eventually, more beneficial for the understudies in question.

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