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Gate Motor Pre-Installation Checks

Setting up a gate motor in your home can make life substantially easier, bringing a brand-new component of benefit and security and, on a regular basis, a host of functions that can be used to improve house-hold tasks. Lots of modern gate motors have hi-tech controllers total with LCD shows that can be interfaced with everything from swimming pool pumps to alarm systems.

In other words, a gate motor as there to serve you. It is there to take some effort out of your everyday tasks and to provide you with peace of mind. However, a gate motor is kinetic system consisting of numerous mechanical and electrical parts and care need to be taken so that these elements are not always packed – and so that you don’t end up stranded outside your house one fine night.

Below are some pre-installation checks you can perform yourself to guarantee that you get the most out of your automated gate system.

1. Inspect your gate’s pull force

This is really crucial when choosing a gate motor. It is essential that you choose a motor that will have the ability to effortlessly move your gate, given that exceedingly filling the device will lead to its transmission failing. In other words, if you have a one load industrial gate at your entryway, don’t anticipate a small domestic operator to be able to carry the load. The very best way to measure pull force is with an easy fishing scale that you can purchase from the majority of angling outlets, then consult your local gate automation expert on which motor will be finest matched for your application. Many domestic operators are specified for a push force of about 15 to 25 kgf.

2. Determine basically how heavy the gate is

This may look like a repeat of the entry above, but the weight and pull force of a gate are actually completely different ideas. A gate might weigh half a load, but you might still have the ability to move it with your little finger if the wheels and guide-rollers are well maintained and move easily. Thus, the gate is heavy but has a low pull force. Or, a gate may weigh a simple 50kg however take two completely grown men to move open. The point is, constantly try to identify at least an approximate weight prior to choosing an operator.

3. Select which ancillary equipment you desire installed

It is best practice to decide on this before installing a gate motor, so that arrangement can be made for cable paths, junction boxes, etc. Supplementary equipment describes gadgets such as intercoms, infrared safety beams, proximity card readers and GSM modules.¬†Also, be sure to have a gate motor technician’s contact details when you need Gate Motor Repairs.

4. How many times a day is the gate going to operate?

Some gate motors are powered through your house’s mains supply (Air Conditioner powered) while others are battery-driven DC units, and the DC units can further be divided into 12V and 24V versions. It is rather crucial to understand the designated responsibility cycle, i.e. how many times a day the gate is going to open and close, so that you can select an operator that has the ability to deal with it. While Air Conditioning motors will offer you with a basically endless task cycle, there will be no autonomy in the event of a power failure, which brings us to our next entry …

5. Will you require battery backup?

Battery backup means that your gate motor will continue to run, at least for a while, after the mains supply has actually been cut (like in a power failure). If you reside in a nation or area where brown outs occur routinely, you may want to consider choosing a motor which uses battery backup. Although DC motors don’t have an unrestricted duty cycle like their Air Conditioner cousins, there are still operators on the marketplace that provide to 750 operations each day. For domestic, and even most industrial, applications, this must be more than enough.

6. What do you want from your gate motor?

As discussed previously, modern gate motors can be utilized to do practically anything. If you are searching for a gadget to just open and close your gate, there are lots of fundamental and cost effective designs out there to choose from. Ought to you, nevertheless, be on the market for something a bit more advanced, you’ll enjoy to understand that there are gate motors using onboard timer technology, intruder detection alarms, integrated receivers and a host of other features. Worldwide of house automation you will actually be spoiled for choice.

The most important point of all is, of course, to get a proficient and competent installer to fit the unit for you. Ask widely known and trusted manufacturers who they would advise, and make sure that they offer you with a number of choices.