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Payroll Services – Your Guide To Payroll in South Africa

Payroll Services In South Africa. What Are Payroll Services?

Payroll refers to the total of all compensation a business must pay to its staff. Including deductions such as PAYE, UIF and SDL. Whether you have one staff member or 1000, you must process payroll to ensure they are paid correctly and proper records are kept.

Who Prepares Payroll?

Payroll services are usually managed by the accountant or human resources manager of a business. However, many organizations are turning to outsourced payroll services as is more cost-effective and holds less risk.

Is There A Process You Need To Follow For Payroll?

No. There is no specific payroll cycle. Every business payroll cycle is different. It is typically stipulated in the employment contract that is agreed upon both by the employee and employer. A payroll cycle can run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or based upon contracted project completion.

Our office of qualified payroll specialists are based in Johannesburg and can assist with all your payroll and accounting services.

Whether you are a small business that needs assistance with Payroll. Or a large enterprise looking to outsource payroll services; it is important for you to choose a qualified, payroll specialist that remains up to date and complaint with SARS and the South African Department of Labour.

Our professional payroll team offer the full spectrum of payroll processing services, which include:

  • Employee Registrations
  • Payroll Compliance – We ensure you remain up to date and compliant with all the payroll requirements.
  • Electronic payslips
  • Annual leave calculations
  • Employees tax calculations (PAYE)
  • UIF Calculations
  • SDL Calculations
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Reconciliations
  • Management, auditing maintenance of all leave balances including annual leave sick leave and Family Responsibility Leave and so on.
  • Third party payments and reconciliations
  • Submission of returns to SARS and other regulatory authorities
  • IRP 5 submissions (IRP 5 and EMP501)
  • EMP501 submissions (IRP5 and EMP501)


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What Do Payroll Companies Do?

There’s no question that handling payroll presents genuine difficulties to organizations, all things considered. Dealing with time and participation, payroll charges and laborers’ remuneration can be hard for even the most experienced business pioneers. That is the place where payroll administrations organizations come into the image. These organizations remove the pressure from payroll and related cycles by giving Internet-based, instinctive administrations to organizations, all things considered, and in all businesses.

What Do Payroll Companies Do?

Very much like their name proposes, organizations that have some expertise in payroll software and administrations work with their customers to guarantee that representatives are paid on schedule and that every one of a business’ lawful commitments are met. Since they center just around payroll and HR assignments, these organizations remove the concern from payroll processes. That permits business pioneers to zero in on significant undertaking errands as opposed to stressing over how and when individual representatives will be paid.

Obviously, payroll services are something other than reviewing checks or setting installments through direct store. Payroll organizations handle a wide assortment of obligations including:

  • checking representative time and participation
  • setting up and putting aside changes in accordance with direct installment accounts
  • computing payroll burdens and guaranteeing the right derivations
  • proactively observing the connection between laborers’ comp charges and real payroll
  • coordinating outsider advantages plans
  • giving electronic payroll records to workers and businesses
  • guaranteeing consistence with all state and government laws administering payroll.

One of the vital obligations of a payroll organization is to make it simpler to screen worker participation and time at work. Most organizations do this by offering a blend of punch-in or check in choices to managers. Sometimes, workers might check in utilizing got identifications or unique finger impression scanners. In others, representatives sign into a web-based record to time in toward the start of the day and check out toward the finish of work. These frameworks can likewise be designed to screen breaks and supper times.

Some payroll organizations additionally give HR support administrations to customers. These administrations are intended to assist businesses with meeting their legitimate commitments and actually take a look at consistence of organization programs with various work laws. The data gave as a feature of these administrations is consistently forward-thinking, so business and HR pioneers don’t need to burn through their time exploring ongoing improvements in labor law on the web.

For what reason Do Businesses Choose Payroll Service Companies?

Picking an organization that offers payroll administrations is an extraordinary method for smoothing out payroll processes and dispense with the requirement for an in-house payroll office. Numerous business chiefs likewise pick payroll administration organizations since they offer the best in legitimate consistence and responsibility. At the point when business pioneers work with payroll trained professionals, they can have confidence realizing that any compensation or recording missteps will be distinguished and revised rapidly. It’s an extraordinary method for giving workers productive, dependable compensation administrations while limiting risk concerns.